Q-LINN Barcelona Sports Bra


Stride confidently through the rigours of running and horse riding with this maximum support bra designed specifically to protect generous breasts (available for up to 22H) during high-intensity workouts.

Separated but supported: Say good bye to pooling sweat, chafing and bruising

  • The Barcelona’s unique cup design and moisture-wicking fabric protects you from the unflattering and uncomfortable ‘uniboob’ by encapsulating each breast independently, preventing painful chafing and pooling sweat that you often feel in compression bras where your breasts are squashed together against your chest.

Reducing neck and back pain: The Barcelona supports you through the back rather than hanging from your shoulders

  • A wide underband, adjustable high and low clips, extra-wide straps and shape recovery underwire with cushioning gel give the Barcelona sports bra the strength to support your back and encourage good posture. Inferior designs painfully hold the weight of your breasts by hanging the weight from your shoulders and digging into your neck – but the Barcelona bra is your chance for genuine comfort and support.

Designed by horse riders, for horse riders

  • This is a pretty bra that won’t let you down! Crafted by a team of horse riders in Europe, Q-Linn bras have been tested across a variety of equestrian disciplines, including dressage, show jumping, eventing and reining so you can stay comfortable, move freely and be securely supported, no matter what your horse throws at you.
  • The design of the Barcelona sports bra has evolved over time, with feedback from thousands of customers allowing the design to evolve into the ultimate high-impact sports underwear.

Style with substance: Beauty in form

  • Spoil yourself with this necessary indulgence for your health and comfort. The Barcelona’s wide bands and comfortable straps give you a smooth finish without digging in, pinching or creating rolls across your back.
  • When it comes to supporting your breasts, despite the gorgeous mesh insets the Barcelona means business. You’re worth the comfort and confidence of a gorgeous, supportive bra that celebrates your beauty in form and function – it’s time to banish the bounce and exercise in peace.  

Naomi- Wow - secure at last - 5 stars
"I thought I had a great sports bra. Now I have a fabulous one. The Q.LINN BARCELONA BRA does so much more then it promises. It give me shape and instantly improves my posture due to the well positioned straps. I feel so much more confident with a shapely but still silhouette. What a work of art."

Kelly- Best equestrian bra! - 5 stars
"Have tried many bras and this is the only one I swear by! So comfortable and supportive especially in sitting trot. Fantastic design"

Angela- Full Support - 5 stars
"This is the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn. It provides full support and its still pretty. Love this bra!"

Kim Rossouw- AMAZING!!!! - 5 stars
"I have suffered for years from aching shoulders, back and neck after riding! This is a must have for anyone with bigger breasts!!!"

Anonymous- best sports bra ever - 4 stars
"I have purchased 2 Barcelona sports bras and find them comfortable and supportive. I am a 50-year-old DD cup. I ride endurance, dressage, ranch riding and show jumping. The bra is still comfortable after 8 hours. Previously,to get the support I would have to wear bras quite tightly and that would prove uncomfortable; the Q-Lin provides support, a 

reasonable shape and the mauve colour works under white. I ordered true to size whereas with other bras I would order a cup size down to strap my boobs down for support "

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