Equipe Emporio Dressage Saddle Mono Flap


The Equipe Emporio Special Monoflap Dressage is a MUST HAVE for any dressage rider!

This Equipe dressage saddle offers a comfortable and secure ride.

Whilst still allowing your leg to be in the correct place.

The blocks are made from calfskin covered foam and are soft enough to allow your knee into them.

Therefore they do not force your leg out of position.

But instead helping to secure the rider in the correct place.

The Equipe Emporio Special Monoflap Dressage really does set the bar for performance, comfort, and security.

Being Equipe’s entry point into the discipline of Dressage, many are taken back by its price tag.

Purely because this saddle offers SO MUCH for SO LITTLE…

You can see why it’s one of the most popular dressage saddles around.

Did you know it’s also one of our best selling models by far?

Essential aesthetics subordinated to extreme technical functionality.

Horses and riders will be able to find the right combination of movements without renouncing comfort.

Resulting in a perfect balance and position of the legs for the rider.

The Equipe Emporio Dressage Saddle features a narrow twist and subtle depth of seat.

The saddle is finished in the finest calfskin leather for a true luxury feel.

Produced by Selleria Equipe of Italy, this saddle embraces the latest in saddle technology.

There simply isn’t anything else out there like the Equipe Emporio…

The width can be adjusted to suit your horse if it changes shape.

The monoflap design offers a fantastic close contact feel to your horse.

Charlotte Dujardin

The Emporio is most famous for being the saddle Charlotte Dujardin used in the 2012 & 2016 Olympic’s.

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