Kentucky Solimbra D3O Eventing Boots Front Brown


These eventing boots epitomise excellence in innovation and performance and offer the ultimate protection for your horse by using D3O intelligent molecules. Also suitable as a racing boot. These boots have been extensively trialled and positively endorsed by top level competitors all around the world.

  • Perfected to protect against impact and rubs
  • High performance D3O shock absorption
  • Waterproof - without absorbing water
  • High-tech Solimbra for protection without heat
  • Unique design protects tendons and fetlocks
  • Protects and supports in all weathers and conditions
  • Expert design, extensively trialled

D3O The Kentucky Solimbra D3O Eventing Boots contain an exciting high performance material called D3O, which offers outstanding shock absorption and protection on impact – crucial when riding cross-country. D3O is patented technology, which has long been used within protective clothing and footwear, including motorcycling clothing, sportswear and even stunt apparel. Extremely comfortable and offering maximum flexibility, D3O had the ability to lock together on immediate impact to absorb and disperse energy from a strike or blow, then instantly return to its flexible state. D3O has been tested to the highest standards and now this revolutionary material has been included within horse boot design for the very first time.

Size: Full

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