Kentucky Leather Fetlock Boots


Kentucky Leather Fetlock Boots with elegant stitching and super soft lining. Tough outer layer of authentic leather for the ultimate protection.

The Leather Fetlock Boots with an elegant stitching pattern is an eye catcher at every horse show and is a must-have for every rider. Care about a stylish look, then these are the boots for you. With the bonus of also being allowed in young horse classes

With the slogan of back to basics, the design is progressive because of the high quality and authentic leather look, from back in the earlier years.

The boot offers a perfect fit thanks to its streamlined and anatomic design and therefore only improve on your horses jumping due to the boots shape.

As always the trademark of Kentucky Horsewear offers high level protection and comfort for the horse. This remains equal to all the other boots in the range but with this beautiful and classic design.

The super soft neoprene lining offers excellent cushioning against the skin. The boots are easy to wash in the washing machine at 30° C. The leather is special to sustain the washing process.

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